MAY 28, 2020

At Salt Water Vacations we take the safety of our guests, staff and owners very seriously. Rest assured, our management and housekeeping staff are thoroughly trained and properly prepared with regard to every detail in cleaning your accommodations.

Disinfect all door/screen handles following every departure (interior and exterior), lockboxes, keys, keyless entry, etc. Disinfect all window latches and touchable surfaces.
Disinfect all remotes, thermostat controls, knobs, dials and light switches.
Disinfect home phone, TV remotes and all electronic equipment available to guests.
Disinfect exteriors of washer and dryer.
Disinfect all indoor and outdoor dining tables & chairs.
Disinfect refuse & recycling bins and any waste disposal containers.
Disinfect guest information materials.
Upholstery and Soft Surfaces: Disinfect all sofa, chair, and chaise-lounge pillows and backs with fabric-friendly cleaners.

Disinfect all kitchen drawers and cabinets including: handles, exteriors, and interiors.
Wash ALL dishes, utensils, glassware, and cookware available to guests following every departure.
Clean out the entire refrigerator and freezer following every departure (discarding all contents), and disinfect the interior of the fridge/freezer.
Disinfect microwave interior and exterior including keypad and handle.
Discard all consumable items in the kitchen following every departure.

Disinfect all surface areas.
Disinfect toilet/sink/bath handles and surrounding areas thoroughly.
Launder bathroom rugs.
Launder and replace all towels.
Replace hand soap with new.

Launder and replace all bedding.
Disinfect all bed pillows and headboards that could have been touched or utilized by a guest, including throw pillows.