Salt Water Vacations offers legal vacation rentals on the east side of Hawai’i Island for travelers from around the world.  We have had the doors closed on our vacation rentals since April 1, 2020 as the novel coronavirus covid-19 wreaked havoc on the world.  We have watched with concern and upset as many of your home places have been hit hard by the pandemic.  Fortunately our early and almost-total close down of our island state has largely protected us from the negative health effects of the crisis.  We have had extreme financial crises to overcome but people come first in our island state and our Spirit of Aloha has provided care and respite for those in need.

As of August 1, 2020 travel from outside of the State into Hawaii is allowed!  In order to stay in a vacation rental, all guests must test negative for covid-19 within 72 hours of travel and show proof of the negative test to screeners upon entering the state.  We cannot legally rent to anyone without this protocol.  Legal vacation rentals, like ours, are not allowed to quarantine anyone.  Please help us follow these important guidelines:

PRE-TRAVEL TESTING PROGRAM: Beginning August 1, all travelers arriving in Hawaii from out-of-state will be required to get a valid COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their trip, and to show proof of a negative test result at the airport, to avoid the 14-day quarantine. The FDA-approved PCR test from a CLIA-certified laboratory will need to be done prior to arrival. No testing will be provided upon arrival at the airport. Click here to view the press release. 

Read more from the Hawaii Tourism Authority here:

While we hope you will still come to Hawaii if you have a scheduled visit this summer, we understand if you prefer to postpone or cancel your trip.  Salt Water Vacations offers a number of re-booking and cancellation options and we’ll help you find the best one for your needs. 

Until we meet again, a hui hou and take care of yourselves and others!

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