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Finding Serenity Amongst Cows…

October 19, 2023

Finding Serenity Amongst Cows and Savoring the Sweet Delights of Mr. Ed's Hawaiian Bakery

Daniel Thompson

Salt water Real Estate Realtor

Nestled on the northeastern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, Honomu is a quaint little town that many may overlook on their Hawaiian adventure. However, for the team at Salt Water Real Estate, it became the backdrop for an extraordinary and unforgettable outing that combined the therapeutic benefits of cow hugging with the culinary delights of Mr. Ed’s Hawaiian bakery, jams, and jellies. Here’s a glimpse into the serene and soothing experience that unfolded in Honomu.

Cow Hugging: A Unique Connection with Nature

The trend of “cow hugging” may have started in Europe, but it has found its way to the shores of Hawaii, offering a unique and enchanting experience. The practice is rooted in the idea that connecting with animals can provide a sense of relaxation and tranquility, and for the team at Salt Water Real Estate, it was the perfect way to unwind and bond.

Upon arrival at the tranquil Honomu Ranch, the team was greeted by a gentle and friendly herd of cows. The cows in this pasture are known for their calm and docile nature, making them perfect companions for cow hugging. As the team members approached, they were met with warm, curious eyes and soft, velvety noses – the cows seemed to understand the need for a little extra TLC.

Cow hugging involves hugging, petting, and even talking to these gentle giants. The act of cuddling with a cow is surprisingly soothing and meditative, providing a unique sense of connection with nature. The team at Salt Water Real Estate found the experience to be a perfect opportunity to unwind and recharge, surrounded by lush greenery, the soothing sounds of nature, and the earthy scent of the ranch.

Mr. Ed’s Hawaiian Bakery: A Culinary Adventure

After their therapeutic cow hugging session, the team’s appetite was whetted for some delicious Hawaiian cuisine. They headed to Mr. Ed’s Hawaiian Bakery, Jams, and Jellies, a hidden gem in Honomu. This family-owned bakery and store is known for its mouthwatering treats and an array of delectable jams and jellies made from locally sourced fruits.

At Mr. Ed’s, the team indulged in an array of Hawaiian specialties, including fresh-baked pastries like malasadas and buttery shortbread cookies. The star of the show, however, was the variety of jams and jellies that showcased the flavors of the island. With unique selections such as lilikoi, surinam cherry and guava jams, they couldn’t resist bringing some of these delightful spreads home.

saltwater team browsing Mr Ed's hawaiian bakery store

Filling Bellies and Hearts

The day in Honomu was a remarkable experience that provided not only a sense of peace and relaxation but also a stronger bond among the team at Salt Water Real Estate. The tranquil moments spent with the cows offered a respite from their busy lives and helped them reconnect with nature, which in turn fostered a deep sense of unity and camaraderie.

The visit to Mr. Ed’s Hawaiian Bakery, Jams, and Jellies was the perfect way to conclude the outing. With a belly full of delectable treats and jars of heavenly jams to savor, the team left Honomu with both their hearts and stomachs full.

In a world filled with fast-paced living, the team at Salt Water Real Estate found a slice of paradise in Honomu. Their cow hugging adventure and culinary escapade at Mr. Ed’s Hawaiian Bakery showed them the value of slowing down, connecting with nature, and savoring the simple pleasures of life. Honomu may be a hidden treasure on the Big Island, but for the team, it will forever hold a special place in their hearts as a retreat where they found serenity, unity, and joy.

petting cows in Honomu
saltwater team sitting and petting cows in Honomu