Hawaii Travel Update: October 13, 2020,updated 10/19/2020

As the State of Hawai’i readies for the start of the Pre-Travel Testing Program on October 15, 2020 Salt Water Vacations wants to ensure you have all the most up-to-date information for traveling to Hawai’i Island aka ‘The Big Island’.  As of a few days ago, Mayor Kim of the Big Island, has proposed a second test to be required upon arrival to avoid quarantine.  There are also general guidelines for enjoying the Big Island safely while you are here. 

The State of Hawai’i Pre-Travel Testing Program allows visitors to the State to bypass the mandatory 14-day quarantine by providing a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival.  The test must be taken within 72 hours of arrival from a trusted testing partner and the traveler must have registered in the Safe Hawaii Travels Program to comply. 

In addition to these State requirements, Hawai’i Island, which has effectively kept the novel coronavirus from ravaging the fragile community health system, has a second arrival test approved.  The second test is provided for all visitors arriving at the three Big Island airports: Kona International Airport, Hilo International Airport and Waimea from out-of-State destinations. This ‘quick results’ test is to confirm negative Covid-19 status.  The test is provided at the airports and is reported to take about 15 minutes at no cost to the traveler.  Without this second test, the 14-day quarantine will still be required.  Find details here: Hawai’i Island second test improving daily. 

To enjoy your stay on Hawai’i Island to the fullest and to care for our valued neighbors, please follow these guidelines for the duration of your trip (source: Mayor’s COVID- 19 Emergency Rule No. 12):

  1. 14-Day Quarantine required for all visitors unless both the State and County tests described above are negative and quarantine is waived.  Quarantine means you must go directly from the airport to your place of lodging and STAY THERE for 14 days.  Groceries and other necessities must be delivered.
  2. Face Coverings Required: All persons within Hawai’i County shall wear non-medical grade face coverings, over their nose and mouth, while in public settings.
  3. Physical Distancing: All persons shall maintain a minimum of six feet of physical separation from all other persons to fullest extent possible.
  4. Gatherings: Indoor or outdoor social gatherings of groups up to ten persons are permitted. Face coverings are required and physical distancing of at least six feet between separate groups must be maintained.
  5. All County of Hawaii parks and recreational facilities are OPEN from 7: 00 a. m. to 7: 00 p. m.  Face Covering and Physical Distancing measures are enforced. 
  6. Businesses: most businesses in Hawai’i County are OPEN except for the following which shall remain CLOSED:
    1. Nightclubs
    2. Large indoor and outdoor venues (concerts, sports, conventions, expos)
    3. Road races (marathons, triathlons, etc.)
  7. To read the entire Rule go to: Emergency Rule No. 12

BEFORE you arrive, register in the Safe Travels Hawaii Program: https://travel.hawaii.gov/#/

We are excited to welcome you back to Hawai’i Island and will help guide you through the hoops so that you arrive confident and ready to relax and enjoy your vacation.  You deserve it!  ALOHA!

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