Welcome travelers!  On your quest to find suitable accommodations for your trip to Hawaii you’ve been looking at renting a vacation rental, awesome!  But you’re consternated about the high fees.  We’d like to shed some light on cleaning fees so you can understand the value of what you’re buying. 

Each vacation rental managed by Salt Water Vacations is someone’s home.  These generous home owners love sharing their property with visitors because they know how wonderful their location is and know it is in the best spot for your vacation.  Unlike a hotel which may rent you any particular room, we are legally renting you an entire house.  As you’ve probably experienced in your own home, keeping a whole house clean is a challenge!  Aside from the obvious parts of the home that need to be cleaned and disinfected for every guest, like bathrooms, sheets and towels, our housekeepers maintain cleanliness from floor to ceiling.   They inspect and clean every window, every wall, every floor, inside every cabinet and drawer and all the nooks and crannies.  They also deal with the droppings and webs of tropical critters like ants, spiders and geckos who are all very messy housemates.   The housekeepers we employ are nothing short of AMAZING!

Salt Water Vacations practices Responsible Tourism.  One of the pillars of this philosophy is paying living wages to our service providers.  A living wage in Hawai’i is higher than almost anywhere else in the US.  The housekeeper, who takes care of the house you are renting from us, is the same person each time.  He or she gets to know the house very well and takes pride in presenting it beautifully to you.  This takes not only skill and time, but also care.  Care is the incalculable element we put into all of our service to you.  You can rest, assured that the cleaning fee you pay for your vacation rental stay goes to a local housekeeper who is a vital part of our business service. 

We are proud of our small, local business that supports other small, local businesses and we hope you will be too.  Mahalo (thank you) for supporting us with your reservation!

A Hui Hou, Jessica and The Salt Water Vacations Crew

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